Snooki Weight Loss

Snooki Before Weight Loss

Snooki Before Weight Loss

Snooki Weight Loss

Anyone who watches TV is probably familiar with Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki to fans of the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore.”

Snooki has become well known for a number of on-and-off camera controversies surrounding the reality show, both at home and abroad. She has also made appearances on the television talk-show circuit, been a presenter at the CMT Music Award show, and rang the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange.

Snooki’s signature look includes a “poof” of jet black hair and a noticeable tan pretty much year round. Unfortunately, another well-known aspect of Snooki’s appearance until recently has also been a generously-proportioned figure.

At only 4’9”, Snooki seemed to be on the heavy side even though she actually only weighed around 110 pounds.

Snooki Weight Loss

Recently, however, she began sharing pictures with her fans on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, showing a leaner, fitter physique. In fact, the photos revealed that Snooki has gone from what many people might have described as “plump” to ”sexy.”  The Snooki weight loss has created quite a stir. So much so that people everywhere are asking what’s behind the Snooki weight loss.

The Secret Behind the Snooki Weight Loss

To achieve her weight loss, Snooki has recently started exercising regularly. She has also stated publicly that she turned to Zantrex diet pills, as well as so-called “diet cookies” from Dr. Sanford Siegal to help her with her weight loss.

The diet plan calls for eating the cookies pretty much all day long, every 2 hours. This is followed by a light dinner (300-500 calories) in the evening.¹  The claim to fame of Dr. Siegal’s special diet cookies is that they contain a proprietary blend of amino acids which Dr. Siegal says keeps folks from getting that “OMG! I’m starving! Eat something before you pass out, you moron” feeling that they might otherwise get from eating nothing but a handful of cookies all day.

Snooki Weight Loss

Snooki After Weight Loss

If this sounds a little extreme to you, well, -all we gotta say is “Hey, he’s a doctor, okay?” Besides, as far as we know, no one’s actually died from following the cookie diet. And they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

At just under $1.50 a cookie (at $249.80 for 168 cookies –a 4 week supply), they’re not exactly cheap, as far as your average cookie would go. However, since they’re going to make up approximately ¾ of your meals under the diet plan, it’s going to cover most of your meals for the month- so, (try to) think of it that way.

Another secret to the Snooki weight loss: she stated that she modified her drinking habits somewhat. No, no -she’s not actually drinking any less, -banish that thought right now, as that would, you know, interfere with the whole Jersey Shore milieu.

However, apparently, she’s switched the actual drinks themselves to stay away from the calorie-laden beer and mixed-drinks –and focusing more on the hard stuff, like straight-up hooch. Hey, this diet stuff sounds like fun.

Snooki also said that the Zantrex diet pills gave her more energy before workouts and cut down on hunger cravings (between cookies).

She had stated before the weight loss (at around 110 pounds) that she wanted to lose 10 pounds or more to get near the weight she used to be at when she was more active.

Whether one is a Snooki fan or not, one certainly has to admit, she looks a whole lot better now than at possibly any other time in the show’s history. If diet aids did indeed help Ms. Polizzi achieve her ideal weight, we hope that going forward with a healthy lifestyle of a sensible diet and exercise will help her to maintain it. Then, the Snooki weight loss will surely be an inspiration to many.