Josh Peck Weight Loss

The story behind the Josh Peck Weight Loss

Josh Peck is a popular young actor who has been able make the transition from being a child star into a successful acting career as an adult. For years, he was the big kid on the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. Before that, he had done a number of roles in some TV movies and different television series. But, whatever the role, the one thing they had in common was the kind of character he would play. The “big” or some would say, “fat” kid. It was part of his identity as an actor, and how he had become known to millions of people.

Nowadays, however, Josh’s parts don’t carry the same ‘weight’ (snicker).

You see, Josh decided some time ago to shed the weight that had characterized him since childhood. He wanted both to feel better about himself and to have a greater selection of roles to choose from than just “the heavy kid.”

Both Snow Day and 2001′s Max Keeble’s Big Move poked fun at his weight. And he sucked it up, playing characters identified only as “Slim” in 2000′s The Newcomers and “Fat Boy” in 2002′s Spun.

According to IMDB, Josh said, “Gratuitous fat jokes always hurt, no matter what. Even if you’ve gotten it most of your life, and even if it’s in the context of the script, it makes you feel bad about yourself.”

The Aftermath of the Josh Peck Weight Loss

There have been some who claimed there was more to the Josh Peck weight loss than diet and exercise, similar to another celebrity’s pronounced weight loss. But the simple facts are that Josh made a concerted effort to lose the weight. To that end, he hired a personal trainer, and through a regimen of karate, yoga, a healthier diet and the increased metabolism that comes with adolescence, he had lost 40 pounds after Mean Creek wrapped. And he has worked to lose even more since then.

Consequently, in fact, Josh looks like a totally different person than the heavy kid that many viewers of his earlier work may remember. Some may think that this may be a negative aspect of his weight loss, but he is looking forward to portraying more diverse roles from him because of his new and healthier look and lifestyle. He has also done a lot of work as a voice actor for many massive animated films, which has attracted new fans.

Josh Peck Weight Loss Before

Josh Peck Before Weight Loss

Josh Peck Weight Loss After

Josh Peck After Weight Loss


Josh started out doing standup comedy in nightclubs in New York city at a young age. Growing up, he would often rely on his wit to defend himself against comments about his weight. “If I thought a kid was going to make fun of me, I might make fun of myself first,” says Peck, “I immediately went to comedy as my defense.”

So now that Josh has lost the weight, does he regret losing his old identity? “I embrace the heaviness for everything that I can get out of it, like some of the amazing heavy actors before me: John Candy, (John) Belushi and Fatty Arbuckle,” he says. “But I want to get parts that are of a broader range — no pun intended.” It sounds like the Josh Peck weight loss is here to stay.